The Gantimpalang Panglingkod Pook or Gawad Galing Pook was launched in October 21, 1993 as the pioneering awards program on innovation and excellence in local governance.

It was a joint initiative of the Department of Interior and Local Government (through its Local Government Academy), the Ford Foundation, and other individual local governance advocates from the academe, civil society, and government. The Asian Institute of Management anchored the program until the Galing Pook Foundation was established in 1998 and a new Foundation Secretariat took over in 2001.

A total of 215 local governance programs were awarded in the annual search for outstanding and trailblazing local governance programs from 1994 to 2005.

The winners of the Gawad Galing Pook are chosen every year from a national search of local governance programs sifted though a multi-level rigorous screening process based on the criteria of positive socio-economic and environmental impact, promotion of people’s empowerment, transferability and sustainability, efficiency of program service delivery, and creative use of powers provided by the Local Government Code and other decentralization and local autonomy policies.


Outstanding Local Governance Programs and Trailblazing Programs:
The Outstanding Local Governance Program Award is given to each of the top ten (10) program winners while the Trailblazing Program Award is given to each of the next ten (10) programs finalists.

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Award for Continuing Excellence (ACE):
The ACE is awarded to past winners of the Top Ten Outstanding Local Governance Program Award. The Award for Continuing Excellence also requires that an awarded program has been sustained and improved on key impact areas of the Gawad Galing Pook selection criteria to the extent that it has developed a culture of excellence in their respective localities.

Oplan Linis Puerto Princesa City

Oplan Linis
Puerto Princesa City
1996 – Outstanding
Environmental Protection
and Management

Satellite Hospitals Puerto Princesa City

Satellite Hospitals
Puerto Princesa City
1996 – Trailblazing
Health Programs and Services

Satellite Libraries Puerto Princesa City

Satellite Libraries
Puerto Princesa City
1996 – Trailblazing

Providing Low-cost Housing Puerto Princesa City

Bantay Puerto Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Bantay Puerto
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
1994 – Outstanding
Marine Resources Conservation and Management

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Edward Hagedorn was born on October 12, 1946 in Paranaque, Rizal. His parents were Mr. Alexander Hagedorn and the former Miss Gliceria Solon. He is married to Ma. Elena Marcelo, and blessed with two children Eva Christie and Elroy John. He studied in San Sebastian College-Recoletos and University of the East in Manila. He was elected mayor of Puerto Princesa City in 1992. And at the same time served as Representative of League of Cities of the Philippines, Region IV; Member of National Executive Board of Boy Scout of the Philippines; and Assemblyman of Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development. With the overwhelming support of the people of Puerto Princesa, he transformed the city as a major eco-tourism destination and model in environment protection. It became a Hall of Fame Awardee for being the cleanest and greenest component city in the Philippines. And has been generously given national and international awards and recognition for various innovative programs and projects – a proof of seriousness of purpose and magnitude of success. Right now, the City Government of Puerto Princesa is busy executing economic development programs…And the man leading its direction is Mayor Edward Solon Hagedorn.....